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Keep a Close Watch on Your Property

With WTS Access Control products and solutions you can monitor personnel access points; crucial to protecting business assets and the individuals you employ. We custom design access control systems, install, and service them in accordance with your business needs. Our dependable service and high-class technology ensure your protection and daily operation.

Technological Safety Solutions

Safeguard your facility with the latest technology in access control devices. We offer a number of options varying in complexity and level of control.

  • Card access readers are the most popular reader for security access control systems.  Common types of card access reader technologies include:
    • Proximity
    • Bar Code
    • Magnetic Stripe
    • Key Fobs/Auto Tags (outdoor gate applications)
  • Smart card readers -multi use cards that store important information such as spending limits as well as provide access to protected doors and gates

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Improve Security – prevent unauthorized entry to any or all areas of your grounds or building
  • Provide access control for the entire facility or specified areas
  • Operational Analysis/Historical Recording – audit trail of entry, exit and more
  • Integrate with Alarm, Video, and Fire Systems
  • Limit access to areas by date, time and individual cardholder
  • Utilize existing system investment
  • Support multiple access technologies
  • Provide a Safer Working environment
  • Protect valuable assets


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